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Microsites Design and Development

A microsite is a small, standalone website that is typically created for a specific campaign, product, or event rather than serving as the main website for a brand or organization. Microsites are designed to provide focused and targeted information, often with a unique design and functionality that differs from the main website. At tekstag, our expertise in building microsites is unmatched, as we excel in creating highly targeted, visually stunning, and interactive microsites that effectively engage users, drive conversions, and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Essential Components of a Microsite

Specific Purpose

Microsites are created for a particular purpose, such as promoting a new product, running a short-term marketing campaign, or supporting a specific event or initiative.

Distinct Design

Microsites often have a design that is separate from the main website, allowing for creative freedom and customization to align with the specific campaign or theme.

Limited Scope

Unlike comprehensive websites, microsites are typically smaller in scale and focus on providing a concise amount of information related to the specific campaign or objective.

Targeted Content

Content on a microsite is tailored to the campaign or theme it supports. This could include multimedia content, interactive elements, or specialized features that enhance the user experience.

Separate Domain or Subdomain

Microsites may have their own domain or exist as a subdomain of the main website. This separation helps to distinguish them from the main site and allows for easier tracking of performance metrics.

Temporary or Campaign-Driven

Microsites are often temporary and created for a specific duration, especially for marketing campaigns, product launches, or events. They can be taken down or redirected once the campaign is complete.

Focused Call-to-Action

Microsites typically have a specific call-to-action (CTA) related to the campaign's goals. This might include encouraging users to sign up, make a purchase, or participate in a specific activity.

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